Department of Civil Engineering aims to create a safe and secured society in harmony with the environment, through the planning, construction, and preservation of infrastructure. Civil engineering education helps us to create urban and regional environments safe from natural and social disasters, and live in symbiosis with nature, through the preservation, lifetime management, and revival of social facilities. Our department admits students who intend to be in charge of the public services that are much-needed in society and educates practical and highly skillful talents with comprehensive cross-disciplinary points of view and technical knowledge across the traditional civil engineering areas.

Areas of Emphasis

Department of Civil Engineering consists of two divisions; the Human Safety Engineering section and the Environmental Symbiosis Engineering section. Division of Human Safety Engineering does education and research about urban safety against natural disasters and social disasters such as terrorism and accidents. Division of Environmental Symbiosis Engineering does education and research about the creation of an environment of cities and territories living in symbiosis with nature, as well as the preservation, lifetime management and revival of city facilities.

Educational and research fields are summarized as follows.

Human Safety Engineering

  • Structural Engineering for Urban Safety
  • Geotechnical Engineering for Human Safety
  • Transport Systems Engineering
  • Geotechnical Engineering for Disaster Reduction
  • Earthquake disaster mitigation engineering
  • River Basin Management Engineering

Environmental Symbiosis Engineering

  • Environmental Fluid Engineering
  • Aquatic and Environmental Engineering
  • Geosphere Environmental Engineering
  • Geo-environmental Engineering
  • Urban Preservation Engineering
  • Urban Systems Engineering and Management

Faculty and stuff

Faculty and stuff of the Department of Civil Engineering are listed here.

Entrance examination

Information on the entrance examination for Graduate School of Engineering, Kobe University can be seen here.